Classification and Job Analysis

services-classificationAn accurate and up-to-date classification system provides an organization with the necessary tools to make administrative, fiscal control and human resources decisions. Accurate, current and ADA-compliant class descriptions provide the fundamental and essential building blocks for successfully administering recruitment, performance management, compensation, training and development, succession planning, and other human resource processes.

Our staff has successfully classified more than 20,000 jobs in California alone!

Our unique approach to completing classification studies includes a balanced, unbiased approach, with many review steps and significant communication with all participating stakeholders. This emphasis on client customization, coupled with our public sector expertise in implementing recommendations, has been the key to our success.


Confidential Employee Designation

Derailing Classification System Implementation

Classification Creep

Make Time For Change

Broad Classifications Meet Many Organizational Needs 

Classification Plans: The Balancing Act 

Rafting the RFP Rapids 

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