With 39 years of HR experience, K&A knows California public sector employment inside and out.

We build enduring relationships

K&A provides personal attention to and creates long-term relationships with our clients. Because we care about and understand your organization’s people, culture, leadership, and unique needs, we identify highly qualified candidates to support your goals.

We value strength in diversity

We source top talent reflective of the communities you serve. With our focus on inclusion, networking and partnering with minority-based associations, utilizing bias-reducing tools, and drawing from our own employees’ certification training, we are leaders in public sector Diversity and Inclusion.

We leverage innovative search technology

K&A uses advanced programs and unique sourcing methods to identify candidates which traditional recruiting strategies might have missed. We continuously gather and analyze important data points and are always looking ahead at how we can use information technology to better serve you.

K&A is focused on individual clients and your specific recruitment needs.

Our team is ready to support you at any level you wish – providing sourcing expertise, full-cycle recruitment at the start of your search through the start date of your newest employee, and everything in between.

Recruitment Services

Executive Search – Full Cycle

A full cycle recruitment begins with a kick-off meeting with the agency’s hiring team to understand your unique needs and ideal candidate profile. We work with our designer to generate a customized brochure and develop a marketing campaign for the recruitment. From there, you can be confident that K&A’s team is working hard to source a diverse pool of highly qualified applicants. Because we do not take on a large number of recruitments, each recruitment receives our team’s full, dedicated attention and care.

We pride ourselves in being transparent throughout the process, willing to share information regarding the applicant pool along the way and delivering a quality pool to our clients. We will coordinate interview panels, develop performance exercises and interview questions, and stay with you all the way through pre-employment steps and salary and hire date negotiation to ensure a successful placement.

Executive Search – Partial

A partial cycle recruitment can be customized to your agency’s needs and budget. We are ready to provide services such as marketing, sourcing of candidates, and recommendation of a strong, targeted candidate pool.

Mid-Management and Staff Positions

Because we have past internal public agency experience, we are well versed in civil service and at-will recruitments. At a lower cost from the executive search options, we provide full and partial cycle recruitments for mid-management and staff level positions and can work within NeoGov, as well.

We are here to help you with those hard to hire positions and when you need a third party to conduct sensitive recruitments.

Sourcing Candidates

Sourcing a diverse pool of qualified candidates is what we do best. We have a unique advantage in that we have built a strong network of public sector professionals from over 39 years in business, serving public agencies full-service human resources needs. Our network is vast as we develop relationships with a variety of individuals in all levels of positions through the studies we conduct. Additionally, we leverage innovative sourcing methodologies and technologies for a robust and advanced sourcing strategy that will attract hard to find passive job seekers.

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