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Company: Central Marin Sanitation Agency
Position Title: Environmental Services Analyst
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Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA) is recruiting for an Environmental Services Analyst position. This position is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the industrial waste discharger control program. The successful candidate will perform inspections of waste disposers in the industrial and commercial industries; meet with and educate commercial and industrial parties to provide guidance; issue permits and monitor NPDES permits; and obtain samples to perform standard physical, chemical, biological, and bacteriological tests. Depending on qualifications, this position may also assist the department manager with laboratory operations and regulatory requirements as needed.
Primary duties of this position include implementation of CMSA’s pretreatment, waste minimization, fats-oils-and-grease (FOG) program, and pollution prevention programs. This is a single position opening, and CMSA will hire for either the I or II level based on the overall level of qualifications and organizational fit.
The CMSA organization strives to be a high-performance utility, with a vision of being an industry leader by providing innovative, efficient, and sustainable wastewater services, capturing and utilizing renewable resources, and delivering renewable power.
Environmental Services Analyst I
EDUCATION: Equivalent to completion of an Associate degree with major coursework in chemistry, biology, microbiology, environmental studies, or a similar science; a Bachelor’s degree is desirable.
EXPERIENCE: One year of experience in any combination of the following: as a laboratory technician in a wastewater treatment or related laboratory; inspecting industrial waste discharge facilities for wastewater control purposes; as an operator in a secondary or tertiary wastewater treatment plant; or sufficiently applicable experience.
CERTIFICATION & LICENSES: Possession of a Grade I certificate as a Laboratory Analyst or as an Environmental Compliance Inspector issued by the California Water Environmental Association (CWEA), or ability to obtain one within 18 months of hire.
Environmental Services Analyst II
EDUCATION: Possession of a four-year college degree or its equivalent, with major emphasis in chemistry, biology, bacteriology, environmental studies or a related science, or possession of a two-year college degree with an emphasis in a science-related field, and five years of experience as stated below.
EXPERIENCE: Three years of experience in any combination of the following: working as a laboratory technician in an environmental laboratory, or an inspector for an environmental compliance program, or a position in the wastewater treatment industry, or a related field of work.
CERTIFICATION & LICENSES: EITHER possession of a Grade II certificate as a Laboratory Analyst or Environmental Compliance Inspector (Grade III desirable) and possession of a Grade I certificate in the corresponding discipline, either Laboratory Analyst or Environmental Compliance Inspector (Grade II desirable) issued by the California Water Environmental Association. Must obtain certificates in both disciplines at the required levels within 18 months of employment, if certificate requirements are not met at the time of hire.
The monthly salary range is $7,213.71 to $9,206.72 depending on qualifications and experience.
Employee benefits can be found on CMSA’s website at www.cmsa.us/employment/benefits.
To apply for this opportunity, please submit a cover letter, resume, and signed application by email to infokoff@koffassociates.com. Please visit Koff & Associates’ website at www.koffassociates.com to download an Agency application. As an alternative, you can mail the completed application materials to Koff & Associates, 2835 7th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.
If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Koff & Associates at (510) 658-5633.
The deadline to apply is Monday, October 1st.

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