Compensation Studies

services-compensation-studiesThe art of compensating employees in a competitive, yet equitable, manner is one of the most challenging roles of management. We provide you with customized tools to assist in developing and implementing a total compensation policy that will convey the organization’s philosophy while allowing you to recruit and retain a qualified work force.

Our studies have a high degree of validity and credibility because of the thoroughness of our data collection and job matching process, which includes in-person contact with professionals at each comparator agency to get our questions answered. K&A uses the CompStar database, a proprietary internal database, to house the most current and up-to-date compensation and benefits data collected by our consultants. CompStar allows us to run comprehensive reports which provide our clients with a compensation and benefits comparison to other agencies.

Each compensation study can include any or all of the following elements:

  • Market Based Salary Findings
  • Total Compensation Findings
  • Benefit Cost Detail
  • Design of a Compensation Pay Plan
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Private Industry Data
  • Regression Analysis
  • Internal Equity Analysis
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Summary of Market Trends.


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