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District Engineer

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The District

The Mt. View Sanitary District (MVSD) provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services for the central portion of the City of Martinez and adjacent unincorporated lands to the northeast. As of 2012, the population size was approximately 19,000, with projections to reach 22,087 by 2030 with an average annual growth rate of .9 percent. The customer base is currently an estimated 10,500 dwelling units and 270 commercial businesses; approximately 97 percent residential by parcel and 76 percent by flow.

Originally constructed in 1952, MVSD’s Wastewater Treatment Plant has had construction improvements, which increased its current capacity to 3.2 million gallons per day (mgd). Digested sludge is dewatered using a centrifuge. The resulting biosolids are transported to a landfill for use as alternative daily cover. The Treatment Plant effluent discharges into the District’s constructed marshland. The process of secondary treatment began in 1968 with the addition of a secondary clarifier, digester, thickener, and high rate biofilter. In 1974 the District reclaimed/constructed valuable wetlands (Moorhen Marsh) to accommodate a shallow water discharge providing a net environmental benefit.

MVSD provides wetlands programs within the 21-acre constructed Moorhen Marsh and the 130-acre McNabney Marsh. The District offers environmental education programs as well as recreational use for residents.

District staff maintain a strong working relationship with the Board of Directors and surrounding community. MVSD totals 15 full-time staff members, with the pending addition of the District Engineer being the 16th. The culture is friendly and collaborative, with leaders implementing open door policies; being readily accessible to the public. The team takes pride in its community relationship, often using a “we can work it out together” philosophy.

The Opportunity

The District Engineer will have primary responsibility to prioritize and implement a $13 million 5-year Capital Improvement Program. MVSD is investigating innovative improvements to address aging wastewater infrastructure (collection system and treatment facilities) and increasingly stringent water quality standards. Portions of the collection system are approaching 100 years old.

The MVSD collaborates with Central Costa County Sanitary District (CCCSD) on several programs, including the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility that serves central Contra Costa County. The District seeks to identify and maintain partnerships with additional local agencies, of which the District Engineer will take part.

The Mt. View Sanitary District operates under the authority of a Board of Directors that includes five voting members. The District Engineer will be an important participant in board meetings by providing updates and expert opinion within the periphery of their function.

The District Engineer will also assist in identifying timing, budgeting, and relative priority of the various components of the District’s capital improvement needs.

MVSD  is proud of its role as a “Friend to the Environment”. As such, it will be important for the District Engineer to uphold goals that seek to assure that the District maintains and enhances its careful management of the public trust, including oversight of the marshlands within the District’s control.

The District Engineer will be involved in recommending strategies to help the ecosystem and the local habitat to maintain its health.

The selected District Engineer has a chance to develop the position’s identity for the first full-time hire within this function.

Also, the position will require guidance and coordination with operations and administrative staff.

Key Responsibilities

The District Engineer will have direct control over their budget, roughly $4-5m in 2017, and will also assist in the District’s master plan, 5-year CIPs, and other financial matters, including the purchasing and approving of PO’s;

Will oversee asset management with the District, including supervision over the work order system personnel;

Most major infrastructure units are under ongoing maintenance and/or major rehabilitation. The collection system is aged, and the District Engineer will need to oversee the design of improvements to the collection system;

The District Engineer provides oversight and assists in the maintenance of the District’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS);

Assists in the engagement and coordination of services from contracted professional consulting engineers involved in the study or design of improvement to the District’s wastewater infrastructure and other facilities;

Will conduct reviews of proposals, engineering and related studies, evaluate alternatives, make recommendations, prepare reports, and assist the District Manager in scheduling matters to be brought before the Board of Directors; assist in the preparing of reports for the Regional and State Water Boards;

Will direct, oversee, and participate in the engineering program work plan; assign work activities, engineering projects and programs; monitor work flow; review and evaluate work products, methods, and procedures;

Develop design drawings, plans, and specifications for simple to complex engineering projects related to the District’s maintenance, operations and capital improvement needs for the District’s wastewater infrastructure and other facilities;

Represent the District with regulatory groups and business organizations; participate in community and professional groups and committees; act as District liaison on various inter-agency coordination projects; attend Board meetings.

The District Engineer will also be responsible for the review and conditioning of all development proposals within the MVSD service area. This will require maintaining relationships with the City of Martinez and Contra Costa County development review staffs, as well as the local building and development community.

The Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Result oriented and exercises good judgment; will be able to hold themselves accountable with a professional demeanor, and be able to hold others accountable in the same way.
  • Well-rounded in developer interactions, final design assessment, and management.
  • Effective in explaining complex issues to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Proven in project and construction management experience; effective in communication, monitoring, and management of consultants.
  • Tenured experience collaborating with operations departments and relevant cross-functional stakeholder teams.
  • Proven management of large capital improvement projects with limited internal resources.
  • Innovative approach to capital improvement due to the District’s smaller size, and its identity of being at the forefront of industry trends.
  • Strong customer service orientation both for internal and external customers.
  • Able to become a key participant of the Management team.
  • Able to maintain a working relationship with the Board; to attend board meetings, have discussions with the Board and answer questions directly.
  • Proven hands-on abilities and knowledge.


Experience & Qualifications:

  • Equivalent to a bachelor’s degree with major coursework in civil engineering or a related engineering field and five (5) years of professional engineering in the water/wastewater industry, including experience in a water/wastewater treatment plant, and two (2) years in a supervisory or management position.
  • Principles and practices of wastewater treatment and collection utility operations, including facilities maintenance, construction, and design.
  • Principles and practices of environmental impact assessment and related regulatory processes.
  • Utility contracting and contract management practices, in a public agency setting,
  • Practices of researching engineering and design issues, evaluating alternatives, making sound recommendations and preparing and presenting effective staff reports.
  • Principles and practices of budget development, administration, and accountability.

License and Certification:

  • Must possess a valid California class C Driver’s license and maintain a satisfactory driving record
  • Must possess registration as a professional engineer in California.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary Range: $11,332 – $13,775 monthly, depending on qualifications. The District offers an excellent benefits package, which is located at www.koffassociates.com/jobs on the job announcement page for this position.

Important Application Information

To apply for this outstanding opportunity, please visit https://koffassociates.com/koff2020//jobs. Please have your cover letter and resume ready to upload.  You may also download the application, and mail your cover letter, resume and application to Koff & Associates, 2835 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.


Deadline to apply is December 18th, 2017.


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