Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager

Agency Solano County


Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager

The County of Solano is looking for a dynamic, results-oriented individual to serve as chief of the Compliance and Quality Assurance Unit within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS). The position plans, directs and supervises all activities and operations for the division.

Under administrative direction of the Director of Health and Social Services, the position is at-will, exempt and serves at the pleasure of the Appointing Authority.

Key responsibilities of the position include:

  • Serving as the Chief Privacy Officer for the DHSS and ensuring the Department’s business and provider practices are compliant with Federal, state and local regulations and requirements.
  • Instituting, maintaining, and revising a Code of Conduct and other appropriate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of federal healthcare programs.
  • Monitoring and reviewing contracts and grants to ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance with Federal and state laws and coordinating compliance issues with fiscal oversight staff.
  • Creating and maintaining an effective line of communication between the Compliance and Quality Assurance Unit and all department employees including a hotline to receive complaints or questions and procedures to ensure the anonymity of complainants.
  • Identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability in DHSS business practices and areas at high risk of non-compliance and ensuring corrective action plans are developed to reduce these risks.
  • Providing input and recommendations for the division budget in order to fund existing and new programs and services.
  • Assigning work, planning and scheduling Compliance Analysts’ work activities and deadlines.
  • Representing the DHSS by publicizing the quality management and compliance program to the community and establishing appropriate community outreach efforts.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Equivalent to graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Health Administration, Public Administration, Social Work, or a closely related field.
  • Four years of responsible professional level experience in a public or non-profit social services or public health agency performing regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and/or regulatory investigations and/or supervision of a health care or social services unit.

The Ideal Candidate Will Have the Ability to:

  • Work collaboratively with staff in the divisions to solve compliance problems, come up with solutions, and develop ways to help divisions come into compliance.
  • Set the tone for the new Compliance unit and develop a team that works collaboratively with staff in the divisions.
  • Develop strong interpersonal relationships with all levels of staff within the DHSS to support creative problem solving, strategic thinking, and positive solutions.
  • Utilize outstanding proactive leadership and communication skills to assist the Department and its staff in becoming a high-performance, team-based organization.
  • Review and interpret accounting and government contracts to ensure accuracy of information and calculations and conformance with policies, procedures, and guidelines.


The Organization

The County of Solano’s Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) is nationally recognized for its programs and known across the state as a leader in partnering with both the community and public service leaders. The County provides a variety of services aimed at improving the lives of children, adults, families and the elderly. Through countywide planning and coordination, the County’s role in health care includes providing clinical services and health care assistance, alcohol, drug and mental health services, dental services, social programs and protecting the community from public health threats.

Over the years, the County of Solano has integrated services to form one single department, Health and Social Services, which today is the largest department in the county, with an operating budget of $285 million, a senior and executive management staff of seven and approximately 1,200 employees working in multiple office locations across the county. While focusing on the Board of Supervisors’ priorities, the DHSS operates its programs and services as efficiently and effectively as possible, using technology, innovation and creativity to increase productivity and enhance the quality of services provided to its citizens.


Solano County is a special place, with its inviting mix of rural and suburban lifestyles and easy access to all of the urban amenities. Situated midway between San Francisco and Sacramento, Solano County is home to rolling hillsides, waterfronts and fertile farmland. County residents can enjoy day trips to the San Francisco Bay area, Lake Tahoe region, and the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Solano County is a growing community that reaps the benefits of its ideal location for those who live and work here. The blend of agriculture, corporate business and pleasant lifestyle enhance the attraction of Solano County. The County limits residential and commercial development outside of cities, thus preserving approximately 80 percent of the land for open space or agricultural uses. Blessed with a thriving agricultural economy, the County is also home to biotechnology and other growth industries.

Outstanding Actions

As a leader in healthcare delivery, the DHSS’s accomplishments include:

  • Implemented new technology to bring electronic health records online for Family Health Services and Integrated with the case management system to improve client monitoring, billing and reporting requirements;
  • Developed a 92 unit residential housing community with onsite support services for clients with severe mental illness and their families, and is the first housing project funded with Mental Health Services Act dollars.


The salary is $99,984.21 – $121,531.42 annually.


The County of Solano offers a generous and competitive benefits package including:

    • Health: Health plans are offered through CalPERS with a Cafeteria Plan contribution set at 75% (including a cash back option) of the Kaiser family rate. Full-time employees and their eligible dependents are eligible for vision and dental insurance which is 100% paid by the County.
    • Retirement: The County participates in CalPERS, offering 2% at 60 for current members of CalPERS from another agency (or reciprocal agency) and 2% at 62 for new members.
    • Social Security: The County participates in Social Security.
    • Longevity Pay: Employees are eligible to receive an additional 2.5% of pay, per level, with 10 years of service, increasing incrementally at 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service up to a 15% maximum.
    • Vacation: 15 days per year
    • Holidays: 12 paid holidays per year
    • Administrative Leave: 80 hours each July 1st (pro-rated during the first fiscal year)
    • Sick Leave: 12 sick leave days per year
    • Other Benefits: Employees receive County-paid life insurance and long-term disability insurance. Employees may elect to participate in the credit union, supplemental life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and deferred compensation.

The job description and a complete summary of benefits is available on the County’s website at:

Important Application Information

To apply for this opportunity, please send your cover letter and resume by August 8, 2014 via mail or email to:

Koff & Associates
Attention: Kathy Crotty
6400 Hollis Street, Suite 5
Emeryville, CA 94608

Following the closing date, application materials will be assessed in relation to the criteria outlined. The most qualified candidates will be invited to personal interviews.  The County of Solano will make the final decision regarding a candidate’s eligibility and applicants meeting the minimum requirements are not guaranteed advancement in the process. Travel costs are at the applicant’s expense.  Applicants considered for appointment will be required to undergo a thorough post-contingent job offer, pre-employment background investigation.  Candidates will be advised of the status of the recruitment following selection of the Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager.

The County of Solano is an equal opportunity employer encouraging workforce diversity.

The information contained herein does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract, and these provisions are subject to change.

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