City Manager

Agency City of San Bernardino

LOCATION San Bernardino, CA


SALARY RANGE $325,000 – $350,000 Annually

Congratulations to Charles Montoya, the new City Manager!

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be an experienced, confident, and skilled city manager with well-rounded municipal expertise and a track record of professional accomplishments that demonstrate her/his ability to effectively lead a large and diverse public organization. The selected candidate will demonstrate excellent leadership abilities and political acumen, as well as strategic planning and sound fiscal management. This position will require excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to build solid relations with city council, staff, regional partners, business leaders, and the general public. This will be a challenging position that requires a strong and dynamic leader committed to quality improvement, customer service and creating a positive culture of high performance and accountability. The qualified candidate will be able to negotiate challenging political waters, while remaining apolitical and focused on organizational goals, managing a dedicated leadership team, and working with a passionate and involved city council. A personable and approachable leader with cultural sensitivity, a good sense of the community’s needs and compassion for the underserved is highly desirable. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals that possess a passion for public service, especially serving an underserved community and who recognize the opportunity to create and establish an effective and efficient administrative infrastructure for long-term success.

Please check the Job Brochure for more detailed information!

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