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BACWA is a joint power agency (JPA), formed under the California Government Code by the five largest wastewater treatment agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our members include the many municipalities and special districts that provide sanitary sewer services to more than 7.1 million people.  BACWA is dedicated to working with our members, state and federal regulatory agencies, and non-governmental organizations to improve and enhance the San Francisco Bay environment.  We provide technical expertise and a public utility perspective to ensure that regulations affecting our members are well-informed, thoughtful, and effective.  More information about BACWA can be found at



Through leadership, service and advocacy for its members, BACWA provides an effective regional voice for the clean water industry’s role in stewardship of the San Francisco Bay environment.


Develop a region-wide understanding of the watershed protection and enhancement needs of the San Francisco Bay Estuary, through reliance on sound scientific, environmental and economic information, and ensure that this understanding leads to long-term stewardship of the Estuary.

About the Position

BACWA seeks a dynamic, results-oriented Executive Director committed to supporting BACWA’s diverse membership and promoting stewardship of the Bay environment on a regional level.

The new Executive Director will promote BACWA’s high standards for quality services through effective communication, progressive visionary leadership, and consensus building to foster collaborative partnerships with member agencies, legislators, regulatory agencies (i.e., including but not limited to U.S. EPA, the State Water Resources Control Board, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District) non-governmental organizations, the scientific community, industry associations and BACWA’s counterparts around the state.

The Executive Director will support all activities related to the management and governance of the organization, report to the Executive Board, and promote progressive programs, services, and advocacy efforts in support of BACWA’s public utility members and the clean water community in the San Francisco Bay region.  From a strategic perspective, leadership and collaboration will be vital to the role of the Executive Director.  The new Director will also provide effective administration for the JPA, including financial and contract management as well as member coordination and support.  The Executive Director is supported by an Assistant Executive Director and a Regulatory Program Manager.

Desirable Qualities of the Executive Director

  • Effective strategic thinker and planner.
  • Track record of building coalitions and resolving conflicts.
  • Collaborative and engaging style, responsive and approachable.
  • Clear communicator
  • Analytical, objective, and fair with solid creative problem-solving skills.
  • Skill in effective governance, management, budget administration, and contract management.
  • Politically astute with an ability to work effectively with a large and diverse set of stakeholders.
  • A strong technical understanding of processes, methods, and technology related to wastewater management and water quality.
  • Possesses exceptional organization skills with the ability to shift strategies and drive new solutions.

The Ideal Candidate Possesses

  • A strong background in building relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders within a major public service industry, such as wastewater, water, or similar JPA, NGO, or professional membership association.
  • A solid understanding of the Basin Plan and other guiding documents for water quality regulation in the Bay.
  • The ability to quickly analyze situations, identify the most critical issues, and develop appropriate courses of action.
  • A knowledge of current environmental regulatory issues facing the wastewater industry in California and nationally and the skillset to address them and guide the Board to appropriate solutions.
  • Familiarity with issues related to nutrients in the Bay, including the San Francisco Bay Nutrient Watershed Permit, and wastewater treatment plant discharge permits.
  • Ability to maintain and enhance the current cohesive and respectful relationship amongst the Board as well as the BACWA membership.
  • Active and genuine commitment to inclusion and equity in the workplace and encouraging high performing teams.
  • Ability to improve internal policies and procedures as necessary to improve the effectiveness of the JPA.
  • Any combination of wastewater treatment operation, engineering, or regulatory experience.



Valid California class C driver’s license with satisfactory driving record may be required to effectively meet the mobility demands of the position.



The Executive Director serves as an independent contractor.  Compensation will be based upon candidate qualifications.

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Application Process


To apply for this outstanding opportunity, please visit You may also mail your cover letter and resume to Koff & Associates, 2835 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.  If you have any questions, please email the Koff & Associates recruitment representative, Brandon Romo, at

BACWA is an equal employment employer encouraging workforce diversity.


Deadline to apply is Monday, November 25th.

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