Organizational Assessments

Koff & Associates can assist with strategic planning, board/council/management facilitation, organizational audits and restructuring, staffing optimization, and organizational performance efficiencies.

Each organizational study is unique to the agency’s needs. Typical studies encompass the following objectives:

  • Obtain information regarding organizational structure, reporting relationships, span of control, and staffing levels;
  • Obtain information on operational requirements, infrastructure, services, and ratios of staffing to population served and other productivity measures;
  • Gather detailed information regarding outsourcing and “insourcing” practices per functional area of assignment; and
  • Determine and recommend best management practices and standards.

Based on the results of a comprehensive internal and external organizational assessment, we develop action items and recommendations for the agency.

Performance Management

K&A works with clients to design comprehensive and objective performance management systems that dovetail with employee engagement, talent management, and goal setting efforts. We have extensive experience in designing and developing performance management programs, including performance incentive compensation systems and strategic management tools.

Performance Optimization Programs may include developing competencies, establishing continuous feedback systems, setting SMART goals and objectives, assistance with selecting performance management technology, developing performance documenting processes, objectively evaluating employees, providing feedback, setting SMART goals, designing pay for performance systems, developing employees, and customizing strategies for encouraging and recognizing exemplary service in an equitable and cost-effective manner.

Competency profiling supports staff understanding of behavioral as well as skill expectations and bridges the understanding of expectations for team work, customer service, and other key responsibilities as identified by agency employees. The competency profiles form the foundations of regular feedback conversations, work evaluations and recruiting candidates who have well rounded skill, behavioral and experience profiles.

The entire team is extremely skilled and knowledgeable on best practices with other agencies and the industry as a whole.

HR Compliance

Our firm is recognized as an authority in the development of creative and comprehensive human resource management programs. We have the technical knowledge to provide a complete review of existing systems as well as the expertise to create a new human resources management program. We provide a valuable resource to ensure that your human resources management program is effective, comprehensive, cost-effective, and legally defensible.

Depending on the needs of an organization, our services may include recruitment, training or coaching, organizational analysis, strategic planning, succession planning, performance evaluations, or other types of HR services such as policy and procedure development, employee handbooks, and compliance audits. We have experience with public agency mergers, separations, and formations. While we are not labor law attorneys, we are skilled in employee relations matters and can offer many years of experience in dealing with California labor law in the public sector.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

K&A is building an in-depth Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Academy that is a deep dive into a variety of topics that will help organizations build their DEI understanding, learn how to create an inclusive workplace that will allow for a sense of belonging and retention of diverse talent, and how to assess the cultural climate of the organization and build a DEI strategic plan. Topics include:

  • Implicit Bias and the Impacts on the Workplace
  • Addressing Racism and Sexism
  • Creating Inclusivity
  • Internal Cultural Climate Assessment
  • Developing the DEI Strategic Plan

K&A has experience writing Affirmative Action statements, developing D&I Officer classifications, and recruiting and filling top DEI positions. We can partner with you to determine your organizational DEI needs, provide consultation, and help you develop your strategic plan.

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